Dressing Your Bump

As women, most of us are pretty well acquainted with our own body shape. You probably already have a good idea of your body type, so you will dress to make the most of your perfect shape. But once those pregnancy curves come into the equation, you will have a whole new set of shapes […]

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Carriwell Maternity Wear

Carriwell is a brand that offers a variety of maternity products designed to support and comfort expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Some of their most popular products include maternity and nursing bras, belly bands, and maternity and nursing underwear. One of Carriwell’s standout products is their line of maternity and nursing bras. These […]

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We are Shouting ‘Seraphine’ from the rooftops….

Yes Seraphine.. the top maternity fashion destination for stylish mums to be, has come to our Maternity Clothes Shop here in Longford Ireland. We are totally over the moon to be stockists of this highly desired and sought after Maternity Clothes brand. With over 17 years experience of designing Pregnancy Clothes loved by celebs …the […]

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Maternity Clothes Advice

Knowing what to wear for your changing body shape can be a challenge for mums-to-be.There are soo few maternity retailers carrying Maternity Clothes instore in Ireland, forcing pregnant mums to buy online, and while it is a great option for choice of Pregnancy wear, it’s really hard to know what will suit you as your […]

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Buying Maternity Clothes ..when is the best time ?

As soon as you notice the first hint of a baby bump, you might start to wonder about when to buy Maternity Clothes. You have probably scrolled past and admired Instagram fashion bloggers with the perfect pregnancy bump who make dressing look effortless, fun and easy. Now for a real world fact: Figuring out which […]

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A Maternity Bra or Nursing Bra..Which bra do i need ?

Wearing a supportive maternity bra or nursing bra during your pregnancy has many known benefits. Simplifying breast feeding is the obvious big advantage of a good nursing bra, but there are 2 other main factors to consider (1) A supportive maternity bra can reduce the stretching of breast tissue in turn reducing the chance of […]

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