How Your Body Shape May Change During Pregnancy

As women, most of us are pretty well acquainted with our own body shape. You probably already have a good idea of your body type, so you will dress to make the most of your perfect shape. But once those pregnancy curves come into the equation, you will have a whole new set of shapes to style!

Today lets take a look at your new pregnancy figure so we can figure out your pregnancy body type, and offer a few tips to help you flatter your Pregnancy figure.

Mum’s to be all around the world find that their baby affects more than just their bump. If you are gaining weight evenly and seem to be rounding out all over – from the usual suspects like hips, boobs and the bum to more unusual places like arms, legs and even your face – then you may be a naturally curvy mum. For you, dressing for your shape is all about elongating your figure, to help you look longer and leaner. Choose soft maternity dresses in a gently form fitting fabric to show off your beautiful bump – our Woven Printed Maternity Dress would be perfect, and possibly adding a long maternity cardigan which will slim and lengthen your silhouette.

If your baby is sitting low, you’ll likely be showing a smaller cute bump just above your hips. Look for Maternity styles that are soft at the waistline – anything that puts too much pressure on the bump is going to be a no-no. We suggest a pair of stylish under over maternity jeans with a soft cotton band with a long maternity top.

If your baby is sitting high, it can sometimes feel like your bust and bump are all one! But the good news is with the right styling, you and your baby bump can rock some seriously cute maternity outfits.
Show off your curves by separating bust and bump. Colour blocking top and bottom is a great idea – why not try a cute blouse with a high-waisted over bump maternity skirt. We have a lovely Mamalicious skirt one on our site which is organic cotton

If you are naturally petite, that baby bump has nowhere to go but out! So while you keep your naturally slim figure, your bump will really pop. With the right maternity clothes, you can play up your pregnancy curves.

You are one of the lucky ones who can pull off pretty much anything through pregnancy! That being said, you may need a little help in the early stages adding extra curve to your curves. Why not try a cute pair of skinny maternity jeans with a soft ruched maternity top. Horizontal stripes and patterns will look great on you – and we have lots of styles for you to choose from.

Your key accessory is anything to make your look pop.

And thats a wrap! I hope you will find something you love on our site or indeed instore at our Maternity Shop on Dublin Street Longford Ireland. 0433344004 Should you need to call us

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