Maternity Bra or Nursing Bra?

The terms “maternity bra” and “nursing bra” are used interchangeably.

A Nursing bra is designed so you can expose the breast easily for nursing. This is usually done by releasing the nursing clip on the nursing bra or by pulling the bra to one side in some cases.

A maternity bra is simply a non-wire or soft cup bra (which is always recommended), worn for comfort during pregnancy.

Maternity bras and nursing bras are especially designed to support the entire breast during Pregnancy and after baby comes. These Bras come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Some Maternity Bras are padded, others unpadded, some Bras have wires (normally a soft flexi wire) some bras are soft cupped (or wire free). A flexi wire bra can also be worn as the wire in these bras are soft and flexible and, by the way, are great for the bigger bust support.

Most pregnant mums often mean ‘nursing bras’ when they refer to ‘maternity bras’. This is a really good read if you would like some more information about breast feeding and the advantages of Maternity Nursing Bras and the proper fit

Comfort is key.

When do I need to Buy my Maternity or Nursing bra?

Your breasts will change shape and size during pregnancy, notably around the fourth month. A maternity bra, built for comfort and support, is a great initial investment for the first few months. Supporting the breasts during this time is very important as they can often become heavy and, for some women, notably bigger. If you are undecided as to whether you will breast feed or not, choose a nursing bra at this time. If it is well fitted with a little growing room it could see you through your entire pregnancy, and you will have a great nursing bra if you do decide to breastfeed.

If you have decided to breast feed and are purchasing a nursing bra, is not an essential buy until the later stages of pregnancy. We would recommend buying your nursing bra at around the 8th month of pregnancy. Purchase your nursing bra before you go into hospital and pop it into your hospital bag along with your other hospital essentials, like nursing Nightwear and a good nursing top.

There is NO perfect time to buy a maternity bra or nursing bra. Every pregnancy is different and every mum to be will her own body and the right time and style Maternity bra to bye.

Get Fitted. It’s Important!

Whichever Maternity Bra or Nursing Bra you choose make sure it fits you properly so you can get the maximum support and comfort from your maternity bra. You can find your perfect fit by visiting your local lingerie shop or bra shop to have a professional sizing done. Here at Cherche a femme Fitting for Nursing Bras and Maternity bras is one of our specialties. We are trained fitters and are still providing this service, even after covid. To avail of our Bra Fitting Service just pop in and see us at Cherche La Femme (the name of our bricks and mortar shop) 14 Dublin Street Longford, or you can give us a call on 043-3344004 if you would like more information or an appointment. (Although an appointment is not necessary).

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