Maternity Clothes Advice

Knowing what to wear for your changing body shape can be a challenge for mums-to-be.There are soo few maternity retailers carrying Maternity Clothes instore in Ireland, forcing pregnant mums to buy online, and while it is a great option for choice of Pregnancy wear, it’s really hard to know what will suit you as your shape has changed entirely.

Buying Maternity Clothes online is tricky for sure and one of the best pieces of advice we can give you is this “Buy Your Maternity Clothes from a reputable Maternity Retailer”, where you know the size and quality will meet your expectations.The second piece of advice is “be aware of where you are buying from and the complications of returns”. BREXIT is an added stress regarding charges (which no one seems to understand) and delivery delays. You may have to pay VAT and customs, which are not necessarily refundable if you return the item. This can make buying online an expensive choice, so make sure you check out the returns policy of the business you choose to buy your Maternity essentials from.

But not to worry! With the reopening of retail post Covid, Maternity Clothes shopping has become a little easier. A great idea is to give the Maternity Clothes shop a quick call for some advice, or even to find out if they have a website here you can preview the items before you call to try them on. Top pregnancy clothes designs come from the fabulous Seraphine, with their stunning Maternity Dresses to suit any occasion, Mamalicious Maternity with its great value casual range in Maternity Jeans and Maternity tops and work wear. Jojomamanbebe is another great example of a great pregnancy clothes retailer and they even have a store in Dublin.All this from simply shopping at home for your Maternity Clothes in Ireland.

Now some might say that you don’t get the choice from Irish retailers, or that buying here is more expensive, but i disagree. Not only can you shop these international Maternity brands In Ireland, like Mamalicious and Seraphine and for your pregnancy Wear, but you can easily chat to your local retailer for advice on what to buy and when, and even what size you should go for if you are unsure. Most Irish retailers even offer Free Delivery over a certain spend, and for the most that spend is not a huge amount (normally around €50 ) if you do decide to purchase online, and returns will be simply and easy.

More and more of our favourite brands are now curating chic maternity wear collections that are designed for every stage of pregnancy and motherhood. It’s no longer necessary to sacrifice your own personal style in favour of loose-fitting ensembles that hide your beautiful baby bump. It can be a little tricky as you will want to keep your normal sense of style and still feel and look well. Not always easy some days!

Maternity Clothes Advice from Pippa

Here is some advice from the always Stylish Pippa O Connor’s and her top tips on how to dress when you’re pregnant..

1. Buy maternity clothes! If you just buy normal clothes in a size bigger they just don’t look right, you need things to compliment your baby bump.I don’t mean a whole new wardrobe but the Pregnancy essentials.

2. These were my essentials!

skinny jeans-dark Maternity denim

skinny Maternity Trousers or Jeans-black dressy

Maternity leggings (you will wear these for every night out trust me!)

A dressy Maternity top, some nice t shirts, possibly a cardigan, a Maternity blouse for daytime, a daytime floral and a dressy black Maternity dress (special occasions)

3. Invest in good maternity bras (we couldnt agree more)

4. Get good flat comfy shoes

5. You’re pregnant! Be proud of your baby bump and show it off.

Good advice from the ever stylish Pippa that we hope you find helpful or of interest to you.

Remember don’t be afraid to ask our advice on fit, sizing etc.. We are here to help and no one knows the in store collections like we do.

You can Email us here at Maternity and more at , call us at the shop 0433344004 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, and now of course you can pop in and see us. Mask wearing is no longer a necessity, but if you are more comfortable wearing one we are happy to wear one too. call and see our Maternity Clothes and Maternity Nursing Bras collection at 14 Dublin Street, Longford Ireland. We look forward to meeting you 😉.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading.


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