Pregnancy Jeans to go…

Maternity jeans are a really popular wardrobe staple, but dont make the mistake of buying your maternity denim too soon. While your body has only just begun to change, you dont need to invest in your maternity jeans until at least the second trimester. Until you know where your weight will be distributed (other than the belly), it’s best to hold off to ensure this investment takes you through the duration of your pregnancy. In the meantime, scoop up price sensitive styles like the Lola skinny black maternity jean by Mamalicious or these (see picture ) straight leg maternity denims from Jojomamanbebe. Teamed with the right pregnancy top or jumper, you are onto a real style winner.

There are lots of styles to choose from when buying your maternity denims and lots of shades of denim too. But when it comes to the types of methods that maternity jeans use to keep the jeans up, there are only 3 main ones you need to know about: under belly waistband, over bump waistband and side stretch panels. Which you you choose is entirely up to you and what you find most comfortable to wear, but here are a few pointers:

The under bump style will give you firm support. But if you don’t like any pressure on your belly then choose maternity jeans with side stretch panels.  Some jeans have the elastic panel all around and this ensures a supportive fit at the rear and not needing to hitch the jeans up every time you get up and down.

The over bump styles are preferred by those who want a bit more support around the belly. These maternity denim are ideal for those who prefer their jeans to sit higher at the rear and are also great to wear post pregnancy to hold your tummy in.

The side panel style are the closest to your regular jeans and the panels are quite discreet and blend in with the design.  This style of pregnancy jean tends to sit much lower on the hips and rear and the side panels stretch comfortably and make the jeans easy to take on and off.

Hope this helps when it comes to choosing your perfect style pregnancy jeans !

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