Rocking the Summer Maternity whites

I love Vogue Williams. Apart from the fact that she married my favourite Made in Chelsea hunk Spencer Matthews i love her style and of course her mothering ways. She genuinely loves been a mum and it shows in everything she does with little Theodore. Lots of smiles, lots of laughs, lots of giggles. And now of course she is expecting baby number two and is simply blooming.

So this photo was from a couple of weeks ago where the Irish beauty was rocking a white ruched full length white maternity dress. Vogue took the stunning photograph in the lift and shared a lengthy caption describing how she is trying to ’embrace’ her body.  

She wrote: ‘All of a sudden I feel VERY pregnant! I’m trying as much as I can to embrace my changing body but it’s not easy. I feel a lot bigger this time and it’s true what they say, girls make you wider and wowza that water retention is something else.I’m also not into having my bump out at all, last time I was all about the crop top and this time I’m not even sure I’ll wear a bikini in the summer.  

Now i know we are all not a Vogue Williams,tall slender and gorgeous (and all that while pregnant) but when it comes to been maternity chic she keeps her pregnancy style nice and simple and thats’s soo easy to copy. When is comes to buying maternity clothes dont be afraid to try a new style or colour . Been body shape aware while pregnant is important too. There are areas some Mums to be love to highlight, like ‘The Bump’, and some we are desperate to hide, like ‘The Bum’. Whichever you are make sure the maternity styles you go for flatter you in the right areas.

As luck might have it the weather is currently fab at the minute and making it easy to wear light ,flowing maternity dresses and boho chic pregnancy tops. It is the perfect time for getting the legs out and putting on our summer pregnancy glow. Take a look at the maternity wear collection from Mamalicious for great summer pregnancy styles and prices, like this white rita summer maternity dress which is one of our personal favourites

And get your Vogue on!

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