The Benefits of Flexi-Wire Bras for New Mums


Why do we recommend Flexi-wire Bras for new mums? When it comes to maternity clothing, one essential item that often gets overlooked is the nursing bra. While nursing bras come in various styles and designs, experts generally do not recommend wire bras during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind this recommendation and introduce you to a more comfortable and supportive alternative: Flexi-wire bras.

Flexi-Wire Bras for New Mums

Why Experts Don’t Recommend Wire Bras during Pregnancy and Nursing:

  1. Comfort:

One of the primary reasons experts advise against wire bras for nursing moms is comfort. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman’s breasts undergo significant changes in size and shape. Wire bras can be restrictive and may dig into sensitive breast tissue, causing discomfort, and even pain. Opting for a more flexible and supportive alternative can greatly enhance your comfort throughout this journey.

  1. Risk of Clogged Milk Ducts:

Wearing tight, underwire bras can potentially lead to clogged milk ducts. When milk ducts become blocked, it can result in mastitis, a painful breast infection that nursing mothers should try to avoid at all costs. Flexi-wire bras, on the other hand, offer the necessary support without the added pressure that can contribute to duct blockages.

  1. Breast Health:

There is ongoing debate about whether underwire bras can affect breast health in the long term. While there isn’t conclusive evidence to link them to breast cancer, some experts suggest that wearing underwires for prolonged periods may hinder lymphatic drainage and disrupt the natural flow of fluids in the breast tissue. To prioritize your breast health, many healthcare professionals recommend avoiding underwire bras during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Introducing Flexi-Wire Bras:

Now that we understand why experts discourage wire bras, let’s talk about a comfortable and supportive alternative: flexi-wire bras.

Flexi-wire bras are designed to provide the shape and support that underwire bras offer, but with a crucial difference—they have flexible, non-rigid wires that adapt to the natural contours of your breasts. Here’s why Flexi-Wire Bras for New Mums are the perfect solution:

Flexi-Wire Bras for New Mums
  1. Comfortable Support:

Flexi-wire bras combine the support of underwire bras with the comfort of wire-free bras. The flexible wires contour to your body, allowing for a snug fit without digging into your breast tissue. This ensures comfort throughout the day, making it ideal for long hours of breastfeeding and daily wear. As well as being comfortable, flexi-wire will give you the best shape underneath clothing. Click below to see our Nursing wear collection or our maternity wear on our online shop!

  1. Preventing Clogged Milk Ducts:

Unlike traditional underwire bras, flexi-wire bras are less likely to put pressure on your breasts, reducing the risk of clogged milk ducts and mastitis. They provide the support you need without compromising your breast health. This is why experts on breastfeeding and pregnancy recommend Flexi-Wire Bras for New Mums.

  1. Adjustable Sizing:

Flexi-wire bras often come with adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye closures, allowing you to adapt the fit as your body changes during pregnancy and postpartum. This ensures that your bra can accommodate fluctuations in breast size. The flexibility and adjustability is why we recommend Flexi-Wire Bras for New Mums, and they are a staple item in a pregnancy wardrobe nowadays.

Flexi-Wire Bras for New Mums


In conclusion, experts generally recommend avoiding traditional underwire bras during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to comfort and breast health concerns. Instead, consider investing in flexi-wire bras for a more comfortable and supportive option. These bras provide the necessary support while prioritizing your comfort and overall breast health during this important phase of motherhood.

If you think you will need a flexi-wire bra, or you are reaching the stage in your pregnancy where you are feeling discomfort from your normal bra, pop into us for personalized advice on choosing the right bra for your needs. We offer a fitting service and will take all your preferences into consideration when helping you choose. It’s a good idea to be prepared when it comes to pregnancy, so even if you don’t know your size yet you can still get to know your options!

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