Dress for the occasion

A simple materternity dress at a good price can be hard to find. After all who wants to spend alot of money on one dress that might only be worn once. Mamalicious do a lovely collection of pregnancy dresses, in simple styles from extra small to extra large sizes. Most are complete with a satin […]

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Dressing your bump…

As you shop around for maternity clothes there are a few basic tips to remember to get the most out of your budget. A few clever purchases can last you beyond the bump as pregnancy clothes these days are designed to be worn during and after pregnancy , so invest wisely. Tip 1. Fabric plays […]

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Pregnancy Jeans to go…

Maternity jeans are a really popular wardrobe staple, but dont make the mistake of buying your maternity denim too soon.¬†While your body has only just begun to change, you dont need to invest in your maternity jeans until at least the second trimester. Until you know where your weight will be distributed (other than the […]

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