Dressing your bump…

As you shop around for maternity clothes there are a few basic tips to remember to get the most out of your budget. A few clever purchases can last you beyond the bump as pregnancy clothes these days are designed to be worn during and after pregnancy , so invest wisely.

Tip 1. Fabric plays an important role in the buying of maternity clothes. Anything with a flex fabric, a stretch fabric or a jersey fabric is definitely going to give you more flexibility, but remember these fabrics are also clingy so are perfect for showing off your baby bump. An elegant lace maternity dress is perfect for any occasion and also great to show off your beautiful baby figure, where as a maternity Maxi dress is perfect free flowing boho chic (see picture above)

Tip 2. Be aware of the sheer. Watch out for sheer or slightly see through fabrics especially in items such as maternity leggings and very fitted jersey Maternity dresses. Test the fabric by stretching and bending . Try touching your toes (or as close as you can comfortable go) to see if anything you shouldn’t see is visible. Having an honest friend on hand can help in this situation. Maternity clothes that go sheer when stretched are something to look out for when shopping for your pregnancy wardrobe.

Tip 3. Ruching is your friend no matter what shape you are during pregnancy. This feature allows your maternity clothes to grow with your bump and is totally flexible to suit your changing shape.

Tip 5. What size should i buy ? Dont change your usual size is the general rule of thumb, especially if you are all bump. The simple fact is maternity clothes are designed with body changes in mind, so that ruching on your Maternity dress or stretchy bump band on your maternity jeans is there for a reason.

Tip 4.  Support in your bra is a top priority, especially when you are pregnant. Invest in a good Maternity bra, properly fitted and avoid shoulder and back discomfort. You can buy a good supporting maternity bra with or without a nursing feature to suit your needs. Maternity bras also come with or without wire, some even have a flexi wire. If you intend on breastfeeding invest in maternity nursing clothes that you are comfortable in and that make it easier to nurse.

If you have any other questions on our Maternity Clothes or Maternity bras please feel free to contact us and ask. We are only too happy to help you get the perfect fit.

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