Buying Maternity Clothes ..when is the best time ?

As soon as you notice the first hint of a baby bump, you might start to wonder about when to buy Maternity Clothes. You have probably scrolled past and admired Instagram fashion bloggers with the perfect pregnancy bump who make dressing look effortless, fun and easy.

Now for a real world fact: Figuring out which maternity clothes will fit and flatter is a challenge for many moms-to-be. However, with the right maternity styles, you will look and feel great! So, take your time selecting and finding your comfortable shape and style, there’s no rush.

When to Buy Maternity Clothes

No two bodies experience pregnancy in exactly the same way, which means there is no specific time to start wearing maternity clothes, it totally depends on you. Expectant mothers start wearing pregnancy clothes at different times during their pregnancies, but here are some guidelines as to when you may be ready to purchase maternity clothes:

  • Unbuttoning the top button to be comfortable.
  • Stretch fabrics are your preferred clothing material.
  • Nothing in your wardrobe seems to fit anymore.
  • Your bump peeks out of your shirt
  • Your bra won’t close anymore

These are just a few tell-tale signs, but you will know yourself when the time has come.

These signs coincide with what’s happening with baby’s growth at about 20 weeks. Many women begin to really show at this point, but there is variability depending on height and body type, weight gain, number expected babies and if it is a first pregnancy. For first pregnancies, the bump typically ‘pops’ a little later than in subsequent pregnancies

For first-time moms, it’s easy to get excited about being pregnant and showing off your bump. Even during the early stages of pregnancy try to Resist the urge of buying maternity clothes in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, simply because of the regular changes in your body. Wait till the second trimester until your pregnancy shape has found itself.

Tips for what to look for in maternity clothes

As you shop around for maternity clothes remember these basic tips to get the most out of your budget. A few wise purchases can even last you beyond the bump.

Anything with a flex fabric, a stretch fabric or a jersey fabric is going to give you more flexibility and fit you longer, even after pregnancy. Beware however of the sheerness of some of the cheaper quality brands, see through is not a good Maternity Look.

Embrace ruching in your Maternity Dresses and Maternity Tops ! It’s a wonderful feature that allows your maternity clothes to grow with your bump. It works with possibly all body types, so even if you buy an item with ruching in your first trimester it should still fit you post pregnancy.

It is really nice when a maternity brand has nursing features built in so If you intend on breastfeeding, invest in maternity nursing tops and maternity nursing dresses that you feel beautiful and feel comfortable in for your nine months and beyond.

Get a pair of good Maternity Leggings, they are definitely a must have for the pregnancy wardrobe. If you enjoy a little bit of exercise like maternity yoga or simply just walking, you can also get active maternity wear that will give your bump lots of support.

A good Maternity bra is a must have when pregnant, even if you don’t intend to breastfeed.

Make sure you get properly measured for your maternity bra and where possible it is recommended not to wear a wire. Some pregnancy bras do come with a flexi wire, which is a more comfortable option that the hard wire and gives great support to the bigger bust.

And here’s a personal tip..if your job requires standing for long periods of time make sure you invest in Maternity Support tights. Yes, they are not the sexist looking hosiery in the world but they will help save your legs later from spider and broken veins  (Trust me on that one.)

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