The Essential Pregnancy Wardrobe: Must-Have Clothing During & After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and life-changing journeys for a new mother. However, as the body experiences changes and growth, it can become a challenge to find comfortable and stylish maternity clothes.

It is important for mother to prioritise their own and their baby’s comfort and wellbeing during and after pregnancy. In this blog we will explore the best maternity clothing options to promote the wellbeing of both mother and baby throughout the whole pregnancy.

During pregnancy:

Maternity Leggings:

As your body changes, you will need more comfy clothes that can adjust to your growing bump. Leggings that are designed to stretch and provide support are best as they can grow with you and reduce costs that come with a constantly changing size. They are comfortable, versatile and very easily paired with any top.

Some of the best options for maternity trousers on our shop are leggings, but we also stock loose and fitting jumpsuits and dungarees. One of our favourite options are the extra soft Henna Leggings from Mamalicious. Featuring a supportive bump band and stretchy high-quality cotton for ultimate comfort. Easy to style and wear, these are the perfect option for your growing baby bump.

Maternity Dresses:

Dresses can be a great choice for an expectant mother as they are loose-fitting and comfortable, stylish and can be worn on any occasion, whether it is a grocery shop or a fancy dinner. A wrap style maternity dress is a very good option as it can be adjusted to fit your growing belly.

We stock a great range of maternity dresses in our shop, and they vary greatly in style and there’s an option for everybody’s taste. Some dresses are geared more towards special occasions and others are purely for comfort and practical wear. However, any dress should make an expecting mother feel confident and beautiful. Maternity clothes should flatter the body’s curves and enhance her natural beauty. Feeling good in your clothes will improve your mental health and self-esteem, which is a crucial aspect of pregnancy.

Maternity Jeans:

When you are pregnant, your jeans are often the first piece of clothing that will no longer fit you. Your old jeans can become tight and uncomfortable on your growing belly, and if you wish to continue wearing jeans you will need to buy some high quality and flexible alternatives. Available in lots of different styles and colours, they are easy to pair with tops and jumpers.

Maternity Bras:

One of the most important factor when curating a pregnancy wardrobe is your bra size. As your breasts grow during pregnancy, you need to wear a bra that will support them enough. A good maternity bra will feel secure and comfortable while preventing any irritation or spillage/bulging. We suggest you get fitted for your new bra size as soon as any discomfort arises. We offer a fitting service in store at Cherche La Femme Longford and you are very welcome to make use of it. A non-wire bra can be the most sensible option as it won’t cause severe discomfort even if your breasts grow or more.

We also recommend purchasing a dual-purpose bra, i.e a maternity and nursing bra in one. This will allow you to use it in every stage of your pregnancy, and to save money and time. Keep in mind that a maternity bra does not have to be ‘plain’, ‘ugly’ or ‘shapeless’. While comfort is the main priority, a maternity bra give lots of support and a good lift too.

Maternity Underwear:

If you don’t wear the correct underwear during pregnancy, it can be incredibly uncomfortable. Designed to fit comfortably over your growing belly, it also provides support and reduces the risk of joint pain, stretch marks or irritation. Another benefit of maternity underwear is the hygiene factor; pregnancy can make a woman more prone to infections and by wearing the correct underwear, this can be decreased. We stock a lot of cotton underwear, which is a natural fibre and very breathable, which is healthier. Our underwear can also be designed to accommodate pads or liners to help you stay fresh and clean.

We stock a great amount of support bands and belts for pregnant mothers, which support the baby bump and help with healthy growth. One of the main worries when pregnant is trying to relieve pain. Joint pain or pain in the belly, back and hips is very common due to the extra weight the belly makes you carry every day. These bands can be worn under any clothing, as it is designed to not wrinkle or show. This can be a game changer for women, as it increases support and security and allows movement and flexibility during the day.

Maternity Swimwear:

Maternity Swimsuits and Bikinis are made of stretchy material that allows the mother to move around comfortably in the water and supports her belly, hips and breasts. It provides comfort during a time of change in the body and relieves discomfort that can come with an ill-fitting swimsuit. Also, convenience is key for a pregnant woman. Designed with easy to use fastenings and zippers, that can make nursing easier and allow her to remove her swimsuit easily. Below, we have in stock a lovely tankini with

Maternity swimwear can also offer sun protection and UV light protection. When pregnant or nursing, the skin can be very sensitive and easily sunburned. A good-quality maternity swimsuit offers protection for the mother and baby. Maternity swimwear should flatter a mother’s body and make her feel comfortable and confident in her own skin. This is especially important during pregnancy when a woman’s body is changing and adapting. Swimwear allows a mother to stay active and comfortable during her pregnancy and enjoy her time exercising or lounging in the water.

After Pregnancy:

Nursing Bras:

After childbirth, a nursing bra is needed to support the breasts while breastfeeding. With wider straps and strong underbands that help to prevent backache and complications that can arise from breastfeeding. Designed to be comfortable and provide easy access for nursing, they often feature a flap or a clip that allows opening. This is particularly helpful in public, as it allows you to feed your baby discreetly and comfortably. Also, they are often made of organic and natural material that is suitable for a baby’s soft and sensitive skin. Often, you can buy them before you give birth and wear them as maternity bras. Breastfeeding can be a painful and uncomfortable, especially when your breasts are swollen.

Another factor you may want to consider is the adjustability of your bra. Often featuring multiple hook and eye closures and extra straps, they allow you to modify your bra to accommodate the change in size. This allows you to save a little money, as you don’t have to purchase another bra.

Nursing Tops and Dresses:

When you are breastfeeding, wearing a suitable top/ can make it easier and more convenient. The hidden openings allow you to nurse your baby without having to remove your top. Nursing tops can often be in nice colours and patterns to brighten up a pregnancy wardrobe. This can make it easier to match to your personal style.

The hygiene surrounding breast feeding can also affect your choice of nursing wear. A material that is easy to clean and breathable will be the most effective for a nursing mother. Fabrics that are machine-washable will make it easier in the long run, as a new mother is an extremely busy and exciting time, and you don’t want to miss any of it.

Breast Feeding Nightwear:

Designed to provide comfort and a good night’s sleep, maternity pyjamas are a necessary item during and after pregnancy. Most nursing nightwear can also be worn while pregnant and allows a pregnant woman to relax. They are normally loose and don’t roll easily. Styles that will stretch as you grow are some of the best, but it depends on personal preference and sleep habits.

We stock quite a few different styles and colours in store and online. The importance of feeling yourself during pregnancy is undeniable, as your body changes rapidly and your identity can become lost for a while if you’re not careful. Our different styles of maternity clothing we hope can allow mothers to express themselves and feel beautiful throughout their pregnancy journey. This is why we value the style of the clothing as well as the practicality.

In conclusion, it is extremely important for expectant and postpartum mothers to prioritise their comfort and wellbeing. Wearing the right maternity clothing can help promote physical comfort, emotional wellbeing, and confidence. Clothes designed to fit your body will always be the most flattering and attractive too. By investing in high-quality maternity clothing that is designed to fit and support your body as it goes through many changes, you and your baby can enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy and postpartum period.

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